Credits: The Highest Paid Men and Women in Tennis
s of winning were estimated to be 1 in 300, according to SI.com.Vinci’s victory ends Williams’ 33-match winning streak at the Grand Slams. Williams had a shot at becoming the first player to collect all four Grand Slam titles in a single season since Steffi Graf in 1988, the Associated Press reports.Vinci is now the lowest-ranked U.S. Open finalist since Williams’ sister, Venus, in 1997. Serena beat Venus is a match earlier this week.“Today is my day,” Vinci said in a post-game interview.“She played literally out of her mind,” Williams said after the match.So proud of you, @SerenaWilliams. What yo Credits: Serena Williams Loses in U.S. Open Semifinals

Dart is now an ECMA standard

Google’s Dart language is now an official ECMA standard with the catchy name of ECMA-408ECMA may not be a household name, but if you’re reading this, your browser is using ECMAscript to render at least some parts of this page. That’s because ECMAscript is the official standard body behind JavaScript. In the past, the organization has also been behind the specs for JSON, C#, the Office Open XML format and various CD-ROM specs.Credits: techcrunch

Hopefully now we can see Dart VMs in more browsers