About me

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My name is Constantin Simion Ploscariu. I am from Romania I always loved computers and mathematics. My advanced mathematics knowledge(see CV) helped a lot in the projects I completed,a skill for finding good solutions to problem is very important. My dream is to start my own project and to make it successful so I could live on the money I make working on my own applications. I am still thinking at a idea for my starting project. I started with programming when I had 14 years old, I learned Pascal by myself and programmed my second hand 486 computer(Pentium 2 were the computers that all my friends had) In colledge I learned some C then I learned C++ and C#. After colledge I started working as a freelancer on smal projects at start. I learned a lot of new things(languages, thechnologies,patherns).Then I worked on larger and larger projects such as the screen capture application integrated with box.net (for box.net) and the Grid Calculator Basic Edition 2.0 for the designersbookshop.completed

I like reading books,articles and tutorials (I follow different mailing lists and newslaters I am on IRC chanels) becayse I like learning new things, some things you learned them from experience but you can also learn a lot from the others experience.

My Programming Experience

You can find my CV here.