Get Video -video downloader software

This is an application for downloading video from youtube, metacafee, googlevideo and save them on your pPC . The software is easy to use, you just specify the URL and chose a video format to convert your videos into(the default format is AVI and in most cases you do not need to think about video formats).

New in the Release Candidate

  • Now the application will download HD version if availeble
  • It run fine on linux,it requiers a ffmpeg installation and some basic codecs like mp3lame for encodin
  • Improvements to the user interface
  • bugs were fixed

    To us this software you have just to find the video you want and copy it's URL from the browser addressbar and paste it into the field in the programm. Pressing the Add button will cause that video to be added in the list and the download will begin.

    >The Advanced mode gives you the posibility to chose other video format, to change the name of the video (by default the programm will use the name that the video has on the website) and to set if the download shoud start automaticaly.

    We try to give our users the best experience possible so we added an option module that lets the users to change the settings of the programm. You can slect here the download folder where the videos will be saved.
    Also you can select your fonts here and the buttons style.

    Other functions can be found using the main menu, here you can find commands to stop or remove a download, remove the completed downloads from the list or to start/restart a download.
    In the Tools menu you can find a command to open de multimedia folder (download folder) and you can bring the options dialog or enter(exit) in(out) the advanced mode.

    Download release candidate version

    Developers corner

    This program is writen in c# using .NET framework 2.0 and windows forms. When developing the interface for this program i had to use a listview like control that can display animations, text updating every second. The problem that i found was that i could not remove the flicker windows always painting the background of my list even i overrid the OnPaintBackground method. I found the solution using google and a depth search.I had to add in the constructor the following :

    this.SetStyle(ControlStyles.Opaque, true);
    DoubleBuffered = false ;//to be sure double buffering is off

    And all the drawing i must be done using double buffering, first draw all the stuff into a bitmap and after that paint the bitmap on the screen.
    You can find the code of the listbox here

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