Q: Do you need to make thumbnails for a lot of images?

This is a application that helps you do that, it has a simple interface, and it keeps out of your way, just give it the folder of your pictures and set the desired size of your thumbnails and your ready to GO.

Q: Do you need more options?

This is a basic application, you can request us more features ,until we implement more options you can use imagemagick a powerfull application but that application is for power users and it has no graphical user interface.

Development details

This application uses c++ and Qt and it is cross platform. I developed it in Linux and build a windows version in a virtual machine. The windows version was built using the mingw compiler. As an IDE i used Qt Creator 1.3 (from Qt 4.6.1 SDK).

The important classes from Qt framework that i used are :

  • QImage can load, save and scale images
  • QFileInfo helped it manipulating paths
  • QDir i used this to open directories and get their contents
You can get the source code from the download link.