Updates to the educational software, added coloring game and memory game

I am working on some education software for young kids, less then 7 years old. I joined the jde educational project and i hope that eventually this games will be part of the kde-edu distributions.

I updated the Learn to Count application, now it can be chossed at start the maximum number of items that will appear. So if the kid has problems counting a large number of items you can limit the program to display less items.

Chose the maximum number to use dialog
Chose the maximum number to use dialog

The coloring application was a little hard to code, I had to optimize the bucket fill algorithm.Now it has a good performance on my computer, i must test on older computers.

The screen fot selecting the image to work on, to color it
Select image screen
Coloring a flower image, this is the main view
Coloring a flower image, this is the main view


The memory game was easy to code, after adding some animations I think that it could be refactored a little to be easy to read the code.

I found a super web site that contains free artwork that can be used with no restrictions.  http://openclipart.org/

Educational software

I have a 3 and 1/2 years old boy, I learned him to se the mouse and the arrow keys to play some basic games. To help him learn to count I created a little game named Learn to count,written in c++ and Qt. My son knows the symbols “1”,”2″,…”10″ and it knows to count correctly but it is harder for him to count objects. So if you put him to count some objects he will fail sometimes. Using this game he can practice this and practice the use of the mouse.

I used sourceforge.net to host the project,it was my first time i used it so i had some problems getting used to it.

The application is posted to qt-apps.org

The application is licensed under GPL v3 , the art was made by my wife Cristina, and I thank her for the help.

How to add skins/themes/styles to a Qt application

Today I continued working on my ffmpeg wrapper application, after I get bored I tried to make something more interesting and I wanted to make the user able to change the theme of the application.

First I read the example from here http://doc.trolltech.com/4.3/widgets-styles.html  ,then i downloaded the widgetgallery files and added to my project and remove the entries of the norwegian style(created I that example).I am running on kubuntu and i have access to some basics themes but I do not know if the windows user can access them. I will try this scenario after building the application on my windows virtual machine.