Flex Drag and Drop is broken

I am trying for  a week to make draging from a List or Tree into an HTMl work, but the framework is so broekn, soem events will nver fire like the dragdrop event, calling acceptDragDrop has no effect and later I noticed that mouseUp event are not fireing also(it works sometime in a test application so I fear is a layout thing, I read that  drops will not work on some containers but this seems to be a very stupid limitation.  

Flex setting the selectedItem on a tree freezes the application

application start freezing, after I debugged the code I found that the problem was the Tree setter selectedItem, googling I found this page http://forums.adobe.com/thread/823041 with people that have the same issue, the solution suggested was to call validateProperties before the problematic setter, this worked to make the app not freeze but the selectedItem did not done it's job so I used a callLater function to set the selectedItem  after an interval 

Egit merge

Today I made my first git merge, using EGit(an Eclipse plugin), I had to read a lot of documentation about egit, fix some conflicts and finaly commit the fixes. In the end all worked ok,not great  I am not sure I like how the conflict resolving works.